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KERIA Takanawadai
Property address 4-3-5 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Access Toei Asakusa Line Takanawadai station
Comment It is a share house for women only.
It is a female private share house near the station at a favorable location of 3 minutes on foot from Takanawa Asakusa line on the Toei Asakusa Line and 7 minutes on foot from JR Gotanda Station.
Renovation of a house as a share house.
Each room has a spacious room of over 10 m².
In addition, we have facilities such as bathroom / shower booth. For women living alone, they have security cameras that are secure.

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Feal・Garden・Share KITAMI
Property address Iwato MInami,Komae-Shi,Tokyo
Access Odakyu Line Kitami station a 8 minute walk
Comment It becomes a share house full of color.
Until the Odakyu Line [Kitami Station], it is 20 minutes from Shinjuku station.

Security camera, auto lock, all rooms equipped with shutters are also equipped with shutters, so it is a shared house that is also full of security aspects.

Since Kitami Station Ekima has a shopping area, I think that you can use it for shopping without inconvenience.
Please share with us the shared house in a quiet residential area.

We are waiting for inquiries from everyone.

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Property address 4-24-19 Omoriokita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Keihin Tohoku Line ^^^Omori Station^^^ 8 minutes on foot
Comment 8 minutes on foot from Keihin Tohoku Line ^^^Omori^^^ station! It is a ladies-only shared house in a quiet residential area! In addition to large supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, pharmacies etc. Enriching around the station! There are kitchen supplies, hairdryers and irons as facilities in the property, and furniture in the private room is equipped with beds, storage, air conditioners and so on! New life can start even now ♪

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Property address 3-1-8 Hamadayama. Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Access Keio-inogashira-line 4 min walk
Comment ─ Good access to Shibuya and Shimokitazawa ─
A house near Nishi Eifuku station, a share house that can realize a lifestyle above us.
The building has a very profound feeling, it is a house used even for drama shooting.
Equipment fullness. After warming up the body with the sauna, you can train at the gym and let the sweat flow in the shower as it is.
There is a vegetable garden in the garden, growing seasonal vegetables and making BBQ.

─ Plenty storage space ─
In the half of the house, there is a warehouse space with keys dedicated to each room.
Usage is free. It is a space that you can afford even if you store the bicycle.

─ All rooms are private rooms ─
All rooms are air-conditioned and every room is unique.
The bed comfort is also good.

Property Details

Property address 3-2-8 Kyodo Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Access Keiko-line Keido-station 4 min walk
Comment With authentic pizza hook, good access to downtown, newly-built shared house! ! !

A near-station property near 4-minute walk from Odakyu line station.

Kyodo station is a good access called Shinjuku Express by 12 minutes. For the dining of the newly constructed property completed in January this year, a full-scale pizza furnace that is also used in Italian restaurants is installed and easy to use! It can be enjoyed easily.

Each private room has a washbasin or something high-grade share house.

Property Details

Property address Mutsugi,Adachi-ku,Tokyo
Access Chiyoda Line (Kita ayase Sta) 28min walk
Tsukuba express (Yashio Sta) 26min walk
Comment [Coming soon! The latest rental information]
This is the share house that will be opened in June 2016.
There are 26 rooms. The nearest station is Kitaayase station. You can get to Otemachi about 27 minutes. Another nearest station is Yashio station.
You can get to Akihabara about 17 minutes. It is very convenience to get to the Tokyo central area.
From Mid-May, you can see inside and move in. We wait for your calls.

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Tokyo Share Syouinjinjya
Property address Wakabayashi Setagaya ku, Tokyo
Access Setagaya Line Wakabayashi Station
Comment ★ Popular Sangenjaya area ★ Setagaya line ^^^Wakabayashi^^^ It is a share house located 6 minutes on foot from the station.

This share house of 3 stories has ample entertainment facilities!

There is a gym space on the first floor, and you can sweat when you like.

Free space is equipped in the basement.

There is a vegetable garden in the garden, and you can experience a family garden that you can not experience in the city quite easily.
Try growing your favorite vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers ♪

Other normal facilities are also substantial.
Please visit us by all means.

Property Details

D-house Kouenji
Property address Kouenji Minami Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Chuo Soubu Line Kouenji Station 3 minutes on foot
Comment Koenji 3 minutes, we started recruiting newly-opened share house.

【Point 1: shared house with private rooms all safe and secure】
· There is an entrance key and a room key

[Point 2: good location]
It is the location of Koenji station 6 minutes to stop at Chuo Line / Tozai Line / Sobu Chuo Line.

【Point 3: Reasonable for newly built private rooms! 】
· Including utility fee for water service, payment of rent for one month is 80,000 yen or less! Living in Koenji in less than 80,000 yen!
· Internet charge free
· Laundry room usage charge free

--- We made D-house with various thoughts ---

I have created a perfect location and living space to start a new life in Tokyo.

If you are interested please feel free to just look inside.

Property Details

D-house Ogikubo
Property address Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Chuo Line Ogikubo Station 6 minutes on foot
Comment It is a newly built shared house just completed in February 2017.

It is located in a convenient location 6 minutes on foot from Ogikubo Station on the Chuo Line.

The common area is fully equipped with facilities.

Each room is a fully-private room with beds, desks and chairs, lighting and fridge.

Internet and washing machine · dryer are charge free.

It is a simple and restful share house pursuing ease of living.
Please have a look once.

We are waiting for your inquiries.

Property Details

TOKYO SHARE Kamikitazawa
Property address Kaimikitazawa,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
Access Keio Line Kamikitazawa Sta 2min walk
Comment Good location of Keio Line ^^^Kamikitazawa^^^ station 2 minutes on foot. Despite being in the middle of the shopping street, it becomes a share house like a hiding place connected from a secret staircase. There are convenience stores, laundry stores, coffee shops in front of the property, and supermarkets that are open until 23 o'clock in the back. Because it is in the middle of a shopping street, we are in a state where there is absolutely no inconvenience even for the first time living alone.
From the lounge on the 4th floor and from the private room on the 5th floor there is a terrace overlooking the night view of the city center. The interior is modern and unflattering loft space expands and you can enjoy life up a notch.
In addition, Shimokitazawa is recommended for people who want to enrich all of their hobbies and living in the job because of their outstanding access to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Shimokitazawa.

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Property address kouenji-minami,suginami-ku,tokyo
Access Tokyu Metro Marunouchi Line Higashi-kouenji Sta. 3min walk

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We propose a new lifestyle!
Feel free to consult us about shared houses!

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